All you need to know : eBEYONDS Affiliate Channel Partnership

eB Global Marketing Team October 16th, 2019
All you need to know : eBEYONDS Affiliate Channel Partnership

eBEYONDS Affiliate Channel Partner programme is a unique international marketing partner programme that empowers passionate marketers to earn lucratively through marketing a range of top-quality digital business solutions.

Who is an Affiliate Channel Partner?

  • Any company or an individual who has good business contacts and is capable of selling ICT solutions
  • An Affiliate Channel Partner can use their existing contacts and earn well with exceptional support from eBEYONDS
  • An Affiliate Channel Partner may generate a lot or limited revenue and get the expert support from eBEYONDS team to enhance their income stream, whilst building rewarding long-term business relationships
  • Opportunity to upgrade to the Premium Partner level


Who is eligible to work for us as an Affiliate Channel Partner?

  • Individual Marketers
  • Part-Time Income Seekers
  • Marketers who have contacts in the Restaurant Industry
  • And you! Provided that you’re knowledgeable and committed


What should an Affiliate Channel Partner do to earn?

  • Sign the Affiliate Channel Partner basic agreement
  • Receive training on eBEYONDS’s products & systems
  • Market these products and systems which are a range of SaaS and Cloud-based solutions
  • Liaise with the client and eBEYONDS on business acquisition
  • Acquire your commission!