The award-winning digital solutions of eBEYONDS

July 5th, 2019
The award-winning digital solutions of eBEYONDS
eBEYONDS is a global ICT solutions provider that has been active in the market for almost 12 years. From the experience gained through providing extensive digital solutions to a host of clients such as Dilmah,Raffles Hotels, and Millennium Copthorne, eBEYONDS has developed a host of products that has the potential to drive the digitalization of entire industries.
Horizon - Gold Award Winner 2018 - Brew 1867 by Dilmah

One of the core products of eBEYONDS, YesDiner is an all-inclusive digital solution tailor-made for restaurants. Combining a range of solutions for all your restaurant’s digital marketing needs, YesDiner provides restaurants of all shapes and sizes with an easy and cost-effective recipe to appeal to, engage, and convert digital-savvy diners online, drawing them to your tables away from your competitors. The complete solution includes 36 individual features with the 5 core features being,
  • Website
  • Mobile Application
  • Digital Menu
  • Online Ordering System
  • Online Table Reservation System
The ultimate goal of YesDiner is to provide restaurants with a cost-effective revenue generation model that will also be a time saver for both the restaurant and the diner.
DAMMORE is a cloud-based digital asset management platform designed to manage, organize and secure your digital assets with ease. DAMMORE was designed to reduce the complexity of managing and sharing your digital content through conventional means through a central library where you can store, edit, reproduce, share and protect valuable digital assets, ultimately converting them into a revenue source for the organization.
DAMMORE consists of a collection of key features including an interactive dashboard with a user-friendly interface; an extensive user management system which allows user registration, user profile management, regulating users and user activities and folder assignment; an activity notification stream; report generation ability and a message box for easy communication.
The 6 main applications of DAMMORE,
  • Digital Asset Drive
  • eLearning Platform
  • Webinar
  • Forum
  • RapidAd
 e-Swabhimani Special Merit in e-Business and Commerce
OPPTIMO is a cloud-based task, people and operations management platform with mobile compatibility that provides real time visibility to enhance productivity & efficiency in the workplace.
OPPTIMO contains a variety of features that will help you maximize your efficiency in the workplace. This includes monitoring and managing people, projects, tasks, events, and even reports. In addition to this, jobs can be scheduled and prioritized, events and milestones can be set, and alerts and notifications can be utilized to keep everyone informed, which all results in a smooth circulation of information.
Complete with a mobile app and full mobile compatibility, this feature-rich software is sure to enhance workplace productivity.
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