4 industries with the best part time opportunities

eB Global Marketing team August 29th, 2019
4 industries with the best part time opportunities

One of the most important things you need to figure out before getting a part time job is how much time you can and want to commit to it. Especially since as a university student, you are only allowed to work a set number of hours a week during semesters in certain countries.

How you utilize the limited hours given to is very important because figuring out the right balance of time to put into your work and studies will be crucial as a student. Don’t ever put your work ahead of your studies. While the necessity to earn extra cash is understandable, always keep your priorities straight.

As a result, flexibility is of massive importance when working part time as a student. Before committing yourself to a particular position, have a clear idea of how many hours you need to work and what your realistic contribution can be to the company.

Now that you have figured out all the small details, it’s time to find a part time job that will help you earn while not interfering with your studies. Here are a few options for part time jobs as a student.


It could be a small store, a chain of stores or a large departmental store

Pros - Staff discounts, easy work, no experience required
Cons - Hours can be inconsistent, might have to work most weekends, high competition


Cinemas, restaurants, bars, hotels, takeaway food stores and sporting venues

Pros - Free food, tips on top of your wages, often no prior experience needed
Cons - Can be tiring, late/long hours

Your preferred industry

You may be able to find a part time job that is related to your field of study; like a job at the local news station if you are studying media and communications

Pros - Get experience that will be useful in the future, impactful addition to your CV, interact with professionals in the industry

The cons of working in your preferred industry will change from industry to industry. You might not have an idea about how the practical aspect of your preferred industry works, or you might have a hard time fitting into the corporate structure. However, if you persevere, working in your preferred industry is definitely one of the best things you can do while in University.

In relation to services and industry related part time jobs, you can also look for companies that offer partnerships or conduct agent programmes. These types of part time jobs will be most ideal for you as a majority of them will not count towards university time restrictions as they usually operate on a performance/ commission basis.

Try to find a reliable company that will offer you support, training and help you get established in the market. This will result in a secure method of earning while also boosting your CV.

In conclusion, before getting a part time job, figure out how much time you can commit and how you can balance your work and studies. Then you can explore the options for a part time job and choose what suits you.