All you need to know : The products of eBEYONDS

eB Global Marketing Team October 23rd, 2019
All you need to know : The products of eBEYONDS

eBEYONDS products are result-driven business solutions widely accepted by the market.


  • YesDiner

A fully baked digital solution, YesDiner is designed to build a complete online presence for your restaurant so that you can present your diners with fresh, appetizing and convenient digital experiences. A stunning responsive website, a versatile mobile app, secure and speedy online ordering, table reservation systems, loyalty systems and a host of other impactful features are all standard with YesDiner.



DAMMORE is a digital ecosystem for businesses to manage and repurpose digital assets to drive the highest ROI on them while enhancing systematic storing, security, cost efficiency effectively boosting the bottom line. DAMMORE consists of Digital Asset Drive – a Digital Asset Management platform, Corporate Digital Training Manager, RapidAds Advertisement Creator, and Forum.


  • Digital Asset Drive (DAD)

DAD is a cloud-based, enterprise-oriented digital asset management platform that enables effective storage and use of all your digital assets including images, animations, and audio & video files. With DAD, an organization can store, organize and access their digital assets efficiently and allow authorized users with varying permission levels access to the digital assets from anywhere in the world. 


  • Training App

The Training App or the E-Learning platform is an integrated cloud-based digital learning platform that provides access to a series of online training resources to anyone from anywhere with permission to drive your organizational training and assessment effort forward. It’s a highly cost-effective, serviceable, and secure tool for accommodating digital learning for all types of organizations. 


  • RapidAd Creator

With RapidAd Creator, users can easily create template-based promotional material using the images stored in DAD. Whether a user wishes to create images for an online promotion or an offline one, RapidAd Creator allows them to develop attractive ads with minimum design skills and experience. It’s quite useful for a business, say, a restaurant that seeks to create simple but creative material faster at a higher frequency.



OPPTIMO is a cloud-based integrated task, people and operations management platform with mobile compatibility that provides real-time visibility to enhance productivity & efficiency in the workplace. OPPTIMO targets small & medium scale enterprises as well as large corporations and has been designed and developed to make sure that the varying functional management needs of those employers will be fulfilled.