All you need to know : eBEYONDS Enterprise Channel Partnership

eB Global Marketing Team October 22nd, 2019
All you need to know : eBEYONDS Enterprise Channel Partnership

eBEYONDS Enterprise Partner programme enables companies with a sizeable client base to achieve exponential growth through offering a combination of world-class IT Business Solutions ideated and developed by experts while establishing a prominent brand presence that remains long after the sale.


Who is an Enterprise Partner?

An Enterprise Partner is a business that is interested in expanding their service profile and earnings by adding a range of world-class IT business solutions and marketing them.


Who is an Enterprise Channel Partner?

  • A corporate organization with a long and solid market presence.

A growth-oriented vision & strategy and keen interest in ICT business solutions are also major positives.

Who are eligible to work with us as an Enterprise Partner?

  • Advertising agencies
  • Companies that wish to forge an alliance with strong ICT & ebusiness solutions provider 
  • Those who seek ICT - BPO partners
  • Trade organizations
  • Industry organizations


What should an Enterprise Channel Partner do to earn?

  • Sign the Enterprise Channel Partner agreement
  • Receive training on eBEYONDS’s products & systems
  • Market these products and systems which are a range of SaaS and Cloud-based solutions
  • Develop a marketing agent network
  • Liaise with the client and eBEYONDS on business acquisition and development stage


  • Demonstrate clear revenue growth
  • Provide sales forecasts and other reports to eBEYONDS
  • Get training on solutions and train your team