Discover the best opportunities for Freelancers in the USA

June 24th, 2019
Discover the best opportunities for Freelancers in the USA
The United states of America, a country with a populace of over 300 million people has grown tremendously over the past years. Consisting of a rich and varied culture built up from its citizens of various ethnicities, the United States serve as a beacon of progress and opportunity for millions of aspiring individuals all over the globe.
In the recent years the implementation of digital technology has found itself entering almost every business or workplace in the US. The value of digitalization provides an immediate increase in the efficiency and potential of the firm and it's individuals. The need for workers with the experience to handle digital technology has seen a steep rise as high as 70% among the shares of jobs within the US.

The new wave of digitalization falling over the industry is a valuable asset in further developing a company's business model with a wealth of new available services to offer to its customers as well as improving means of communication channels between the business and its customers.
With the current generation of customers also being more and more reliant on their digital platforms to perform their transactions online, it is vital that a business has incorporated digital technology into their business model.

As more and more companies adopt a digital structure within their business and the reliance of advanced computer systems and technology exponentially increases, IT contractors find themselves to be sought out more and more. The depth and capability of their digital skills make place for increased wages, with an excellent wage and a highly valued skill set for various businesses. The ICT industry is currently regarded as one of the most lucrative industries in the world.
The restaurant business in this generation has undergone a rapid transformation thanks to digitalization. In the past where customers arrived at the restaurant and indulged in its products, nowadays the restaurant must utilize the digital world to entice potential customers and win them over with products and services that meets their requirements. In this regard YesDiner provides everything for a restaurant's digital marketing needs with solutions such as an optimized responsive website for your business, the YesDiner mobile app which is designed to provide diners with highly coveted features such as an easily accessible digital menu, mobile ordering and other various communication services for promotions and notifications.
YesDiner also includes other features such as online table reservations to allow diners a very flexible means to book their tables in advance with their desired order without the fear of time constraints. YesDiner is capable of providing the restaurant with a database containing all necessary customer details to diminish the hassle of customer calls and allows to specialize certain customers with loyalty programs and exclusive offers.
The eBEYONDS Partner Program
Instilled with a greater vision of international success, eBeyonds has begun its Partner Programme with the intention of co-opting with companies and individuals with the capability to approach potential clients and negotiate projects, market a range of digital solutions developed by eBEYONDS, and collaborate with the client and eBEYONDS on business acquisition while being provided with a flexible part time work schedule. eBEYONDS Global Partners  will be endowed with opportunities of opening their own IT solutions marketing business with zero capital invested.

As an eBEYONDS partner you will be provided with a variety of supporting solutions including,
  • Unique Agent ID
  • Training on products and solutions
  • Marketing support via a dedicated representative
  • Technology support desk
  • Customer service support
  • Comprehensive agent support pack
As the digital age continues to progress forward it is undoubtedly of great importance to ensure that you as an individual is capable of utilizing the benefits provided by digitalization. As a freelancer it highlights a promising opportunity at a highly lucrative career option with a wealth of benefits including very flexible part time schedule and a career opportunity that holds a concrete long term sustainability as the demand for ICT contractors are only rising as the number of digitalized businesses grow by the day. This serves as an immaculate window for any prospective individuals to also set their foot into the ICT industry.