How to start an ICT Solutions Marketing Business

eB Global Marketing Team September 26th, 2019
How to start an ICT Solutions Marketing Business

What are ICT business solutions?

ICT business solutions are software including Software As A Service (SAAS) solutions, web based solutions, eCommerce and other vertical ICT applications for different industries.


As technology keeps evolving and playing a bigger role in the day-to-day activities of people, businesses need to up-to-date with these changes. Adaptation of technology in business is rising exponentially, so is the need for demand for ICT business solutions.

Since this is the case, now is the best time for you to seize the opportunity to engage in this lucrative business. But before you do, there are certain considerations to be made.

  • How can I leverage this opportunity and enter this business?
  • Do I have to start a software development company? If so, how much resources are required?
  • Can I still enter this lucrative and growing business sector without investing in all these resources?
  • Can I only focus on marketing without taking the burden of investment, management of people and designing software etc.?

The first thing you need to do is form a clear idea about what you want to do and what you can do realistically.  Starting up a software development company from scratch might be a hard task, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to leverage this opportunity. Always evaluate your options.

The famous BATA shoe story is a good example on how to evaluate market opportunity. The story goes like this.

In the mid nineteenth century, as the African market was opening up, many shoe manufacturers did studies on the marketing feasibility of shoes in Africa. Most manufacturers were of the mindset that “since most people do not wear shoes in Africa, we won’t have a reliable demand” 

But, the team sent by BATA shoe company said that “since most people do not wear shoes in Africa, we have a huge potential market here if we do the marketing right”. As a result, BATA started promoting shoes in Africa including sports shoes and became very successful.

Similarly, if you look at the market potential in marketing ICT business solutions, the opportunities are huge as technology advances so fast that corporates and SMEs cannot keep up with these advancements. Becoming a trustworthy source that can provide solutions to these problems that business all around the world faces will put you in a very advantageous position. All you need to do is pitch it right.

Secondly, as stated before, not everyone can start a software development company overnight. So what can someone who cannot start a business do in this case?

The answer is partnerships. Countless companies around the world offers partnerships to a wide variety of people. If you are good in marketing and passably tech-savvy, you can enter partnership with one of these companies and start a lucrative career in the ICT industry. This will enable you to put all your focus on marketing while the company can handle management, development and investment of said solutions.

The ICT industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. So, whichever choice you make, it’s almost a guarantee that you will succeed, provided you play your cards right.