Developing your ICT Solutions Marketing Business - Support and Commitment

eB Global Marketing October 8th, 2019
Developing your ICT Solutions Marketing Business - Support and Commitment

As discussed in the previous articles, establishing a developing a sustainable ICT business is quite costly. One of the better ways of going about establishing one is by partnering with an ICT solutions providing company. This way, the development company can focus on providing the solutions and it will free you up to focus on the actual marketing of said solutions.



However, if you’re going to partner up with an ICT solutions providing company, one of the most important things you should consider is support. You must gauge the support a solutions providing company is willing to provide regarding marketing and also with technology. In the face of increased competition, reaching the right companies & decision-makers to increase the sales funnel is critical. The capability to connect with these decision makers and discuss the needs, goals or challenges to your business can have a dramatic impact on the success of any marketing effort.


How can an ICT solutions provider support you? Here are some points to get you started.

  • Do they advertise the brand and the solution?
  • Do they provide product and marketing training?
  • Can you use their existing client portfolio as reference?
  • How do they support closing sales?
  • Do they provide Marketing materials?
  • What is the extent of the technology support they give?
  • How easily can you communicate with the company?

If the answers to the above are positive, you are with a good company that can support you grow.


This another, if not the most, important factor that can determine the success of your business. Growth only comes with commitment. You may have the best solution to the market or the best company in the world to work with, but if you are not prepared to do your part when it comes to prospecting, marketing, and project management, continuing business will be extremely hard if not impossible.

While ICT business solutions marketing is very lucrative and gives you a sustainable income, your commitment has to be on par in order to succeed.