The most lucrative Industry for part time workers

August 5th, 2019
The most lucrative Industry for part time workers
Securing a reliable additional income in today’s world is hard, but also necessary. There are countless experiences in life that we all want to witness. Whether it’s traveling, buying that dream car, or even small things like buying a VIP ticket for your favourite bands concert. While these are on the materialistic side of things, we also have hopes and aspirations in life that we hope to achieve. A steady additional income is sure to help make these dreams come true.

The ideal Industry to work in

While there are multiple ways of going about securing an additional income, some methods are more lucrative than others. The first thing you have to do is decide which industry you’re going to operate in. As someone looking for part-time opportunities, an ideal choice for an industry to work in would be the ICT industry. It’s one of the fastest-growing industry sectors in the world and getting yourself familiar with it is going to yield nothing but positive returns.
High Growth Rate
Here is a look at the global information and communication technology revenue from 2005 to 2019 (in billion euros).

Source - Statista 

Extremely High Demand
More than 5 million jobs in information technology are expected to be added globally by 2027.
ICT specialists are employed across all sectors of the economy. Almost all companies are using ICT, and some may even have their own ICT departments. ICT-enabled solutions that require specialists to develop, adapt, maintain or support ICT systems may include:
  • Web solutions for enterprises’ websites and e-commerce
  • Customer relationship management
  • The use of cloud computing services
The below graph illustrates Enterprises employing, recruiting and having hard-to-fill vacancies for ICT specialists including part-timers.

Source - Statistics on ICT specialists in enterprises

This high demand for ICT related jobs can only be an advantage for you, even if you are not a specialist or particularly tech-savvy. 

Benefits of working in the ICT Industry

You can work in any industry
As evident from the statistics above, almost every industry uses ICT for one task or another. The actual roles within these industries are just as diverse. The ability to choose to work from a multitude of industries will be very advantageous for you as someone looking for part-time work.
You can either choose to gain more skills and specialization within the industry you’re currently working on, or you can try your hand at a completely new industry that you’re interested in.
Flexible working hours
One of the biggest concerns when looking for part-time work is flexibility. You need to be able to dedicate time to your full-time job while doing part-time work. Furthermore, you also get the opportunity to engage in multiple part-time work provided that they have flexible schedules.
As many technology companies have adopted and continue to adopt progressive attitudes towards employment whether its full time or part-time, there is usually a good opportunity for flexible working.
It pays well
ICT related part-time opportunities have a very diverse range of roles as stated above. From freelance writing to computer programming, your earnings can range from -80 an hour, with the possibility of even higher-paying work.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

This is probably the most pressing question you have right now. And the answer is; 
Not at all!
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