All you need to know : eBEYONDS Premium Channel Partnership

October 17th, 2019
All you need to know : eBEYONDS Premium Channel Partnership

eBEYONDS Premium Channel Partner Programme helps you capitalize on your expertise and give you everything that you need to prosper, including the commercial, technical and training resources you need to achieve success without any investments on your part.

Who is a Premium Channel Partner?

A Premium Channel Partner can be a company, organization or individual with the capability of building long-term business growth.  A Premium Channel Partner should take a more structured approach, grow a multi-level marketing network, and maintain a committed business involvement.


Basic Requirements

  • A well-established social presence with business contacts
  • A well-structured business plan with a long-term business vision
  • Committed efforts for driving growth & revenue

Who is eligible to work for us as a Premium Channel Partner?

  • Individual Marketers or companies with good business contacts
  • Individual Marketers who wish to run a structured business
  • Professionals and Consultants
  • Advertising Agencies

What should a Premium Channel Partner do to earn?

  • Sign the Premium Channel Partner agreement
  • Receive training on eBEYONDS’s products & systems
  • Market these products and systems which are a range of SaaS and Cloud-based solutions
  • Develop a marketing agent network
  • Liaise with the client and eBEYONDS on business acquisition and development stage


  • Demonstrate clear revenue growth
  • Provide sales forecasts and other reports to eBEYONDS
  • Get training on solutions and train your team (if any)